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Corporate Culture
  • Industrial sewing machines will be China's first blade.
  • Will be strongh letter to the management of the same industry are learning objectives.
  • Strongh letter will be playing a world-class industrial sewing machine parts manufacturer.
Business Philosophy
  • Pragmatic: sustainable continuously improve product quality, reduce costs, and provide quality low-cost products to the customer.
  • Vitality: sustainable continuously upgrade customer service, a strong source of growth of fiduciary.
  • Reform: sustainable continuous improvement of enterprise systems, and create high-quality corporate culture.
  • Innovation: Sustainable Development of the new process and technology to enhance their operations and management, the pursuit of world-class.

Corporate Culture : mutual aid, honor, responsibility, carin
  • Mutual Aid: Regardless of the circumstances in which, together, extensive cooperation and the strengthening of team-building, interactive, subject to the overall situation.
  • Address: The obligation is received after the praise and commendation. Measure the honor of standards, not property, power, but the cause of the collective contribution.
  • Liability: enterprise development is the cornerstone and a driving force in their own expertise, excellence, system planning and pro-active to fulfill its duties.
  • Mutual Love: We are a part of their homes, advocating love dedication, and create equality, love the atmosphere, common construction warm and beautiful home, we have a powerful team cohesion.